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(Photo: Ministerio de Economía y Finanzas del Perú - MEF)

VerificaPyme, the digital service for verifying compliance with regulations to access the “Reactiva Peru” Guarantee Program, reported that it has delivered 393 electronic certificates to Peruvian small and medium enterprise (SME) since April of this year.

To date, 700 requests for diagnoses of financial health have been received, which resulted in "Applies to Reactiva Peru" a total amount of USD 10 million soles, of which USD 0.61 (6.1 percent) was disbursed by the companies of the financial system.

“We take care of helping entrepreneurs to quickly know the state of their financial health and have timely information whether or not they meet the requirements to access the state guarantee program, and we do everything with a 100% digital service so that entrepreneurs can complete with social distancing and reduce diseases, "explained Vivas.


VerificaPyme mentioned that 48% are companies classified as small companies and that they come from 20 regions of the country, highlighting the areas of services, manufacture of garments and footwear, and construction and architecture.


With the implementation of the recent COVID-19 Guarantee Program, the FAE Agro and the FAE Tourism, it is planned to continue delivering financial health diagnoses so that small y medium entrepreneurs can find out with this "quick test" if they apply to any program of guarantees, as well as the financial conditions of the potential financing. The goal is to verify financing requests for up to USD 30 million dollars nationwide, says Dennis Vivas Zelada, co-founder and Finance Manager of FintechLab.

About VerificaPyme

Verifica Pyme is a digital service of the Fintech type (technology applied to finance) of 100% Peruvian capital.

This digital product is powered by FintechLab, a technological innovation company that offers digital financial services that began operations in 2017. With a commercial presence in Peru and Chile, and has collaborated mainly with companies in the financial, energy, telecommunications and retail sectors. It also has value-added digital financial products focused on the micro and small business segment for Latin America.

The technology developed by VerificaPyme reduces the cost of the origination process for new working capital loans by 20% for companies in the financial system and opens a path from microfinance to the capital market.


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